How to be a “Goal” Digger in 2018

  • sunnyfridge
  • December 26, 2017

This is traditionally the month in which people set goals for the following year. But, unfortunately, most people who set goals – especially New Year’s resolutions – never achieve them.

How do you beat the odds? Here are a few goal setting tips from a few motivational masters:

Jack Canfield, co-author of the Chicken Soup For The Soul series, says, “Write your goals down in detail and read that list every day. Then ask yourself, what can I do today to move closer to achieving one of my goals?”

Tony Robbins recommends that you, “Decide what you’re absolutely committed to achieving, take massive action, and notice what’s working or not. Then, keep changing your approach until you’ve achieved what you want.”

When you’re feeling discouraged, motivational guru Zig Ziglar provides this simple truth: “You do everything better when you’re thinking positively than when you’re thinking negatively.”

My mentor John Maxwell says, when it comes to approaching your day and career, start by asking yourself three critical questions: “What is required of me? What gives me the greatest return? What gives me the greatest reward?”

And, although most are not superstar authors, social scientists who study goal achievement recommend that you focus on no more than five goals at a time, and mix performance goals such as “Lose 10 pounds” with learning goals such as “Learn how to cook five new nutritious meals.”

So, set a goal and achieve it. 2018 is your year to rise and shine!


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